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X-Scream Amusement Ride

The X-Scream thrill ride is located on the Stratosphere Tower, the largest free-standing observation tower in the United States and the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. The X-Scream consists of an open vehicle that holds eight passengers in "escape proof" seats. The vehicle is attached to a pivoting track that propels the passenger vehicle over the edge of the Tower (almost 900 feet above the ground) at 30 miles per hour. The vehicle travels about 27 feet over the edge. Riders experience free-fall manuevers while racing back and forth repeatedly from the edge. An unobstructed view of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip rewards those rides brave enough to attempt the ride.

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Ride Operation:

  • Project X Sky consists of a track extending a total of 68 ft. The Project X Sky track is mounted to the base at the edge of the Stratosphere Tower pod.
  • The passenger vehicle will hold eight passengers. And is located almost 900 feet above the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.
  • The base structure will allow the 38-foot outward portion of the track to extend off of the Tower pod. Riders will be extended 27 feet over the edge of the Tower.

Project X Sky Fact Sheet

  • Once riders are loaded in and secured, the ride lifts to a 30-degree angle and the vehicle is released to dive over the Tower's edge towards the ground far below.
  • The ride height of the track above the Tower base is a maximum of 45 feet.
  • The passenger vehicle slides back and forth across a pivoting track. The track runs past the edge of the Stratosphere's
  • Outdoor Observation Deck, sending passengers over the edge at 30 mph.
  • As the vehicle moves along the track, sensors detect its position and reverse the pivoting motion of the track.
  • Each end of the track has a set of brake fines. Permanent magnets mounted to the vehicle pass through the fins slowing its motion quietly and smoothly under all conditions. Thus, the vehicle stops after passing the edge of the track.
  • The end of the track is fitted with a shock and brake.
  • The vehicle is then lifted up and the ride returns to the starting point.
Ride Height from Ground: 866 Feet
Ride Height from Ride Base: 45 Feet
Vehicle Travel: 85 Feet
Ride Speed: 30 Miles Per Hour
Seat Capacity: 8 Passengers
Brakes: Magnetic Braking System
Passenger Restraints: Individual Restraints with 'Escape Proof' Redundant
Power System: Hydraulic
Control System: Programmable Allen-Bradley Controls
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