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Inverted Centrifuge Amusement Ride

new Insanity ride opened in the spring of 2005 on top of the Stratosphere. The new ride project ranks worldwide as one of the most intense themed attractions. This new thrill ride sends riders over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower's Outdoor Observation Deck almost 900 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. The new Stratosphere ride consists of open pairs of seats that hold a total of ten passengers in "escape proof" seats, the same seats and restraints used on the X-Scream ride. The seats are attached to a pivoting arm that propels the 10 passenger seats over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower. Ride passengers travel approximately 64 Feet (20 Meters) past the observation deck and over the edge of the tower, and spin outward facing down at the Las Vegas strip below. The ride is programmable. An unobstructed view of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip rewards those riders brave enough to ride.

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Ride Height From Ground: 866 Feet (264 Meters) Watch the Insanity in Action!

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Ride Height From Base: 40 Feet (12 Meters)
Vehicle Travel: 64 Feet (20 Meters) Maximum
Ride Speed: 40 MPH (64 KPH)
Maximum "G" Force: 3 "G's"
Seat Capacity: 10 Passengers
Passenger Restraints: Individual Restraints with Escape Proof
Redundant Ratcheting System
Power System: Electric Motors
Control System: Programmable Allen-Bradley
Projected Public Openings: Spring, 2005
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