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Crown Regency Hotel Edge Coaster - Cebu, Phillippines

Crown Regency Hotel Edge Coaster - Cebu, Phillippines

The Edge Coaster is located on top of the 38th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu, Phillippines. The ride includes four cars that seat two people each. The ride opened December 10th, 2008. The passengers inside the vehicles can tilt forward up to 65 degrees while moving sideways down the track. When this tilt occurs the passengers are looking straight down at the ground over 430 feet below. The tilt of the vehicles is controlled by the passengers by two levers which are mounted on top of the lap bars restraint. The two passengers have to move the lever up or down based on what they want to happen and the levers also have to be in agreement in order to make the vehicle rise and tilt them towards the ground. This ride offers a truly interactive experience, accompanied with a great view of the beautiful city of Cebu.


Ride From Ground: 430+ Feet
Passengers per Car: 2 Passengers
Track Length: 389 Feet
Maximum Tilt Angle: 65 Degrees
Ride Speed: .5 Miles per Hour
Control System: Programmable Allen-Bradley Controls

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