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MISSION: Interactive Rides, Inc. will develop, produce, and service high quality amusement rides that are safe and reliable for the enjoyment of all who ride, own, and operate them.

Amusement Ride Manufacturing and Design

Interactive Rides has designed, developed, manufactured, and constructed some of the most extreme amusement rides in the industry. Interactive Rides has designed and built the rides on top of the stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the edge coaster on top of the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu, Phillipines. Interactive rides is the most experienced and qualified engineering firm designing and building roller coasters that have complex structural requirements. Read More ›

  • Crown Regency Hotel Edge Coaster - Cebu, Phillippines

    “The Edge Coaster is very safe. It was done by Interactive Rides Inc., known for building the safest and most extreme thrill rides in the world. Their most famous work is the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.”

  • Interactive Rides skates into Knott's Berry Farm

    "The SKY SKATER from Interactive Rides, Inc. is being installed at Knott’s Berry Farms Camp Snoopy. Operational in March, 2003."

  • Roll 'A' Coaster

    From the engineers who have developed some of the most exciting and most used technology in the amusement industry comes the Roll "A" Coaster high thrill ride. "The most unique and exciting ride this century."This ride combines the popularity, excitement and thrill of a major coaster, in the small footprint of a flat ride. The Roll "A" Coaster is built abound a looping roller coaster track with a suspended coaster train. This allows guests to experience a ride that could previously only be accomplished by riding several different rides. This fully programmable coaster offers passengers the unforgettable experience of traveling at high speed around an oval track, while the track is rotating. An experience never seen before in the amusement industry. The Roll "A" Coaster can be programmed to allow passengers to travel around multiple times forward or backward, doing inversions and freefall maneuvers. With 8 or 16 seat coaster trains on one or two independent rotating oval tracks, the Roll "A" Coaster offers a high capacity ride at a low cost.

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